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Seven Colours Eatery is a brand that Chef Nolu Dube-Cele started to share her passion for South African food and culture. The vision behind Seven Colours Eatery is to incorporate creativity, nostalgia and diversity, and inspire a positive South African identity through food. We pride ourselves in creating quality home-cooked comfort-food. The Seven Colours experience will evoke those wonderful childhood memories. Come and visit us at our eatery located at V&A Waterfront district with views of the canal and the inner city. Enjoy a daily Seven Colour Plate, Tshisanyama Plate, and sandwiches made out of our local breads and local beverages.

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Breakfast and Lunch:
09h00 to 18h00
Dinner opened for private events and groups.
For general inquiries: info@sevencolourseatery.co.za.
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Contact Number: 087 265 8762
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Umleqwa or Hardbody

Known by the crowd as “the roadrunner”, this free-range chicken is slow-cooked in its natural juices. 

Tshisanyama Plate


Succulent lamb or beef chops grilled on our braai fire.

A Tradition loved by all South African also known as “braai”. This is basically grilling meat a on a fire. Enjoy various meat products that we over on the braai like our national sausage boerewors and succulent lamb or beef chops served with our amazing side.

Creamy samp with oxtail

Isityu / Meat Potjie

A classic fall-off-the-bone meat stew made with beef lamb, chicken or oxtail.

A potjie refers to a cast iron pot. Cooking meats and vegetable on potjie is a loved tradition amongst many South Africans. Enjoy our fall off the bone classic meat stew.”

ulusu & steamed bread

Ulusu Lwegusha/Tripe

Also known as mogodu this tripe is unfussy yet deeeep in flavor – just like Gogo’s recipe.


Chicken Sosaties with Amasi dressing on the braai or barbeque

These lekker sosaties get double the basting-love, as they are premarinated with cultured milk (amasi) and
Nolu’s hand-made onion-chutney. AND the extra Amasi dressing clinches the deal.

7 colour eatery 1

Boerewors on the braai or barbeque

Our national sausage which consists of ground meats with the most amazing spice blend.

Spatchcock Chicken on the Braai or barbeque

Lovingly grilled, this voluptuous beauty is basted in a lekker smoky-sweet braai-sauce.



Marguerite Photography


Maize pap with green leafy vegetables drizzled with herb oil.

Marguerite Photography

Isaladi Yamazimba/ Red Sorghum Grain Salad

Nolu’s signature salad with roasted onion, chickpeas, peppers and sun-dried tomato.

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Umngqusho ohonjisiweyo/ Savoury samp

Savoury and fanciful samp with onion and herbs.

Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 20.15.43

Plain pap

A loved African staple food made out of maize meal, can be compared to polenta. our pap is white and soft.


Uphoko / Millet Salad with Grilled Zucchini

Tossed in a mint-basil pesto with tangy amasi dressing – a perfect light-meal.

Baked Lentil Bobotie

A Cape Malay inspired lentil bobotie with whole coriander & chutney,
apricots & love. (Vegetarian)

Nolu's Bean Chakalaka

My homemade aromatic interpretation on this quintessential South-African relish.

Umngqusho onembotyi / Samp & beans

A household classic: slow cooked samp and beans with that cast-iron effect.

Umngqusho ongqindilili / Creamy samp

Samp cooked in a rich and creamy sauce. (Vegetarian) 

Umngqusho omhlophe/ Plain samp

Pure samp. No frills, no fuss, no beans.


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Amagwinya / Vetkoek

A deep fried bread-hug really. This classic bun accompanies mince meat well.

Roosterkoek Sandwich

Amarostile / Roosterkoek

Smoky braai-bread with the all South-African tell-tale braai-grill-pattern.

Ujeqe/ Dombolo

Steamed-bread, described by our regular guest as “soft as cutting through a duvet”.


Retro-crunch coleslaw

Pickled beets

Ushatini/ Salsa


Savoury spinach

potato salad

The term “seven colours” is popular in my culture which came about as a nickname for the meals dished to guests and family members each time we gather for family events. For us, it is common to place red beetroot, yellow rice multi coloured vegetable dishes and brown meat dishes all overflowing from the same plate. This makes a delicious rainbow soul food experience, all in one portion. For reasons that are now hidden in legends, we term this experience “seven colours”, which traditionally is synonymous with: wholesome, soul food, home, community, and togetherness. This is South African food, inspired by my upbringing and by many South African tables.

~ Chef Nolu Dube-Cele, owner and founder of Seven Colours Eatery

Nolu and her team making a potjie

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